Friday, September 4, 2009

Local Anesthesia makes you admit the wrong things.

The Blue Eyed Guy went to the dentist to get one of his molars extracted. I already knew about it, and he text-messaged me the morning of as he was waiting in the operation room. I wished him good luck, and he told me he would most likely text me when he was drugged later. I reassured him that I wouldn't take anything he said to heart.

Within minutes of being discharged, he texted me to ask if I wanted to go to his place to watch a movie because he wanted to...... cuddle? I responded by saying that I couldn't because I was at work, and it was most likely the novacaine talking. I was hoping he'd stop there, but he kept on going. Let's call him BEG, the acronym for his nickname, though a bit ironic considering the outcome.

"I like you" he admitted

"I kind of noticed by now," I responded.

"Good. Still like me so far? It's ok if you're not. You won't kill me." He replied

"I'm still in my "grieving" stage from my last relationship so I'm not rushing into anything."

And this is where it got even.... weirder:

BEG: I know, but I want to cuddle with you everytime I see you. Wish I could be your prince. I'm probably getting weird.

Yeah, no shit I thought. I was at a loss for words. I had no idea what to say. I couldn't think of anything remotely nice to say anymore at that point. However, the conversation did continue:

BEG: But I do like you and am hoping to go on a date with you. I really want to stop seeing this other girl but don't think it's right until me and you at least go on one date and hit it off.

Say what? There are two options?

Me: Are you a jealous person?

BEG: Competitive, but not jealous; meaning, if I'm dating someone exclusive; but if they keep hanging out with some dude without me all the time, then I will get a little worried; why do you ask?

Hmm..... I wonder how he'd react to me spending most of my available time with Sebastian.

Me: I was thinking if maybe you were trying to get me jealous on purpose.

BEG: Fuck... no I'm sorry; Yeah maybe I shouldn't talk to you right now.....I really am sorry, didn't mean it like that. Fuck I just read what I typed and there was no need for me to have thrown that in there.... I'm sorry. I like you too much to ruin this.... I'm going to stop talking to you until my head isn't loopy. Message me later if you want. How about I just call it off with the other girl for you, I would do that if you want.

But I want to keep playing!

No. I don't want you to. [Notice that I don't care much at this point?]

Yet he continues:

BEG: Just know I really like you so far, and would be willing to already if you wanted, you are sweet, kind, interesting, and a princess, even though you hate that I find it attractive.

My stomach did a funny little flip at his last comment. I found it amusing, practically cute that he liked the fact that I acted prissy. He had mentioned it that day at lunch and said "I can tell that you act like a little girl. It's cute." As long as a guy tells me I'm cute, I'm all for the compliments.

Me: I think at this point it'd be best if you called it off with me and we tried to be friends. I wouldn't want you to ruin your chances. You'd still have the other girl.

BEG: Yeah, but I like you. The thing is, when we get lunch and stuff I get excited that I'm going to see you. That doesn't happen with her. I've already decided me and this other girl doesn't click, I'm just trying to find the right time to let her know. I would do it today if I knew you were still interested in me.
God, what are we- in High School all over again??
Me: Cause if I wasnt you'd try to work it out with her.
BEG: Nope. I'm through with relationships out of convienence. I want to find a girl I like. Look, I'm trying to tell you I like you. Why are you having a hard time with this?

Me: I'm not. I'm watching out for myself. And I really enjoyed talking/spending time with you, but every time we went out (which to me WAS a date) you'd bring up another girl into the picture. I'm sure you did it by accident, but stuff like that makes me lose interest.

BEG: How about this, I'll find a way this week to break it off with her. I don't like dating two people at once anways and then I wont even think about trying to date anyone else until we come to a complete stop and say, "this wont work out."

Me: Well, I told you I wanted to be friends first. That was the simplest and safest way to see if it could turn into something.

BEG: It's just I don't come across people I actually like often, usually I end up settling, and so far I really like you and don't want to ruin it. Also I can't say too much until we go on a date and do something fun so I know how you react to things other than talking about work.

So I left it at that. I signed off and went back to work.

I messaged him later that night to see how he was doing with his pain, and he was relieved that I had stopped by to check on him. I wished him good night and went to sleep.

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  1. Your blog is LoL.
    Found it by accident mind you - go figure that I'm not the only one who thinks there should be a manual for this shit; and this thing gives me a nice laugh with all your escapades.

    btw: Poor blue eye beggar schmuck, just cut him loose already. He's beyond gone but you still talk to him LOL - pretty much the equiv to cats playing with half dead prey. Girls seem to never understand the direct "no" approach.

    And sebat boy, seems like symbiotic relationship. One for primal needs, other for emotional needs unless one of you cross that line.

    That is all, carry on! lol.
    GL on the move though.