Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shopping for my first apartment!

I managed to get some shopping done this weekend at Ikea, Target and Ross- the latter which I decided not to buy from until Senior day discount (a good 10% off).

I bought a fiery red microwave from Target for $59:A red Oster 12 speed blender on sale for $29.99, also at Target

Chefmate 8pc cookware set marked down from $31.29 to a whopping $24.99:

And a small Chefmate 2-slice toaster for a bargain price of $6.33:

I needed a kitchen trash can ($10.49) with a swing top and a hamper ($6.99) so I bought the following two items:

I also bought some kitchen utensils, but opted to buy them separately rather than in the 10pc-$10 pack because I felt I could get more stuff my way. Plus, there's something called the 99 cent/$1 store where I can get a lot more for my buck. I just haven't been, so I really don't know what's in store for me- literally.

My grandma was with me at the time, and since I still wanted to go to Ikea to get my dining table, I decided to take her home and ask Sebastian to come with me instead. Once there, we had dinner and went through the entire store once again to buy some seat cushions for my poor beaten up hand me down sofa bed, and some..... linens for my bathroom. I've decided to do it in yellow and white, so I had to buy the shower curtain ($14.99,) the bath mat ($12.99) and one yellow towel ($3.49) and small white towel ($1.49). They were really cheap material- but they're only for decorative purposes. As if I'm going to get so many visitors. I'll most likely turn them away because my place is so small.
Sebastian even managed to throw an "ex" commentary in there about how the ex wife loved to spend money and always had to buy the most expensive item in the selection.

Please. Keep. It. To. Yourself.

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