Monday, September 28, 2009

My first weekend in Austin

The weekend went by just great. It was Sebastian and I's first time on a weekend trip together, and also the first time exploring Austin. We stayed at a Day's Inn just off I-35, about 6 miles from Downtown.

The hotel itself was pretty crappy. It was about $50 a night, and though it included a continental breakfast, the hotel room was not to my satisfaction. Not only was it incredibly tiny as the king-sized bed took up most of the available space, I found hair and a bug on their "clean" towels. The bathroom didn't have a lock, and was so small you had to step into the bathtub in order to close the door. Their linen had some stray hair, and I didn't even want to walk on their carpet barefoot for fear I'd get a foot fungus. I'm very anal about cleanliness, (though I wasn't the cleanest person while living with my mom.)

We left Houston late on Friday night, though quickly realized we were wasting a night stay at the hotel. We rented a car with Enterprise, but because Sebastian didn't have full coverage with GEICO on his car, was royally raped on the insurance portion. The insurance itself was $20 a day, while the car rental was only about $16 and some change. I've always rented with Enterprise, but will not be considering them for future use after requiring Sebastian to get their coverage. (I've never taken their insurance before either, as I've used my own.)

We made it into Austin in about 3 hours and checked in and went to sleep. The next day, we woke up to have breakfast, where I found myself buttering Sebastian's bagel. And no, that's not a sexual euphemism in any way. I really did toast a bagel and butter it for him, as well as prepare him a waffle. It didn't occur to me that I was serving him until after I sat down. It didn't really bother me as much..... I just felt a little silly considering what it meant.

Later in the afternoon, we decided to drive out sightseeing and we went to the State Capitol. We drove around trying to find parking, but couldn't because everything was cash, and the lots were full due to a Texas Longhorn game going on close by. I stopped by the bank to withdraw money, and we continued looking for a lot when we found a parking space right off the capitol ground.

Score! Free parking! (We later realized there was parking all around the capitol ground because it was Saturday)

We took a small tour inside, and took a few pictures. We later walked down Congress street in search of Mexican food, of which we couldn't find within walking distance. After what seemed like a 2 mile walk, we finally settled on the first restaurant we had seen on the way in. We returned to the hotel and took a short nap in order to rest for the upcoming bar hopping later that night.

Sebastian had recently gone to an Atheist meet-up night in Houston and exchanged contact info with a member that night, a guy named J.P. who was going to be in Austin at the same time with another friend (Joe). We later got together at a bar and while they discussed religion, God and Christ, I silently watched Lost Boys on the big screen, often laughing at a funny remark the guys made. We moved over to a Club across the street and had a few drinks.

When J.P walked out to take a call, Sebastian and I decided to head out on our own and go to another club. A few drinks later, and we reunited with the duo going to two other night clubs. At closing time, I could barely walk straight and could feel the impending blisters on my toes from my high heels. We went back to the hotel, requested a late checkout and quickly passed out.

The next morning, I stumbled to the bathroom, and though I felt fine and didn't have a hangover at all, could still feel drunk. We had breakfast in the kitchen, and came back into the room to rest. We got our stuff together, and checked out.

There was an arts and crafts fair on 6th St. and quickly made the lap around. Sebastian doesn't know how to stroll. He takes big strides which leaves me running behind. We went into a Playstation tour bus and played some video games, ate some fried alligator and drank lemonade. I couldn’t take anymore alcohol for the weekend.

Overall, it was a fun weekend. BEG only texted me once, of which I was glad, considering I didn't want to talk with him over aim and texts in front of Sebastian. Sebastian and I got along just fine, though we did have a few disagreements about some sarcastic moments here and there. I soon realized we were finishing each other's sentences and making inside jokes. At one point, he mentioned he'd had a dream where I had told him I had a boyfriend but didn't want to stop seeing him because I wasn't ready to have sex with my new boyfriend yet. I gave him a shocked look as he continued telling me the dream where he felt that I couldn't possibly say that.

Oh my god..... how could this be? It sounds just like me. That's what happened with BEG this week...... I couldn't have sex with him then cause I wasn't ready. How can he see this? Should I tell him what happened?

"Oh shit. That's so creepy cause that's definitely something I would do" I replied.

"Really? That's weird. Anyway...." as he quickly trailed off into a different subject.

He didn't give it much thought, but it got me to think that I really didn't want to start anything with BEG yet. Being out with Sebastian was normal, and I could sense that by being in a relationship with BEG would have me limited to those types of activities. I know I'm only setting myself up for a hard time, but it's very relaxing to be with Sebastian. I know he's not perfect, and I realized that he is selfish; he always wants his needs to be met, while he thinks he's meeting mine. He doesn't meet all of my needs, but a majority he does. I wish I could get him to do certain things which are important to me, but I've come to realize that we need to compromise, and I've noticed he does much more than he needs to, which is why I keep mum most of the time.

(Some art we found on our way back to the car. We really didn't know what to make of it.)

I didn't tell BEG who I was going to Austin with, but when he asked why I was going, I simply told him it was to get out of Houston. I didn't want to enter into details because I didn't want to..... upset him I guess. I thought about our "relationship" a little bit throughout the weekend and I know I won't be faithful if I enter a monogomous relationship with him. At this point in time, I just want to date. However, I will not sleep with someone I don't know well, and without seeing their clean bill of health. Since I haven't seen BEG's, you can bet I won't be getting close to that region........

Sebastian ended up footing the entire bill for this Austin trip. We had agreed that we would split it halfway, but he decided to call it even since he had to give me about $100 for an ultrasound I had had in the summer. Again, this was not something I had requested him to do, he simply felt he could help me out by paying half of the bill. Sebastian said that the trip had been very enjoyable and that we should go to New Orleans next time. I agreed fully.

Once we got back into Houston, we went to Walmart so that I could get safety pins to take care of some blisters I had gotten on my feet. Once there, we decided to buy bread, brie and also fruits so that I could make crêpes. Sebastian spent most of the time on the couch watching T.V. while I made the crêpes- which took forever.

At about 10pm, Sebastian decided to head on home because he had to be in at work early today (8am, normally it's 11). I saw him to do the door where he gave me a deep kiss, which took me off guard. He's not one for smooth kissing; usually, he's sloppy, urgh. I said good night and quickly closed the door behind him. I looked out the peephole to see him off, and right after, he climbed back up the stairs and knocked on my door. Once open, he smiled and stuck his head in to get one last kiss for the night. It surprised me completely.

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