Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Virgin, Part 2

The next week, the Virgin and I had finally made plans to meet up at Sherlock's Pub just down the street from my apartment- but not before arguing and convincing him that I didn't want to go to his house to play pool out in Richmond. Yes, sure it's great that you have your own house and all, but I mean, Come on! First meeting at your place? And in Richmond? Not gonna happen like that.
I show up at the Pub and see him sitting at a table playing with his phone. I'm actually quite impressed. He was pretty damn attractive.

Damn, I guess you're just not photogenic.

I was immediately drawn to him. Forget the fact that he talked to me about Southpark for a good fifteen minutes (I stopped watching it in 1998.....) he was shy and confident at the same time. He was quiet, but kept the conversation going. After a while, we had to move tables because the ones we had squatted at were reserved for a birthday party. We went into the live music area, and just hung out, drinking my beer while he paced himself with his mixed drink.

The alcohol slowly started taking effect, and we began playing "Never have I ever." It's obvious that this game will take on a sexual approach, and it's obvious that I'm going to get drunk before he does. After staring at each other for what seemed like an eternity, he pushed forward and stuck his tongue in my mouth in rapid, snake movements.

"Um, you're kissing too fast" I told him. "Ok, show me how I should do it" he frankly asked. He didn't get offended at what I'd just said, and he caught on within minutes. Hmmm, a fast learner. This looks promising. We continued until he practically begged to go back to my apartment so we could continue making out there.

We end up at my apartment and the makeout begins in the living room, and gradually makes its way to the bedroom. Unfortunately for him, I was on my period that night, so no sex could take place. He was disappointed but I decided to *beep*Beep*beep*beep* (i.e.: Please him orally)

As soon as we were finished, he took off like a bat out of hell. It was past midnight and we both had work the next day, and he still needed to drive back to Richmond. I was glad to have my bed to myself that night.

I didn't hear from him the next couple of days, but he did message me about a week later asking if we could meet up again. I was going to be busy at my mom's taking care of my sisters, so time was limited. Plus, he was going through some stressful times at work and with one of his rental homes, and had been too drained to set anything up.

I was okay though. It's not like I expected a relationship with him either. He was too inexperienced when it came to being with a woman emotionally. He would treat her like a guy. He was oblivious to a woman's sensitivity, and didn't believe in pursuing a girl. Sorry, but I need attention. All girls do. In my case however, if you don't check in on me the following day, I move on. I have a short attention span.

We really did try to hang out again, but something always came up- late nights at work, prior commitments etc. The last time he tried to ask me out, I denied. I had just begun seeing someone else and didn't feel it was right. This person will soon make an appearance in this blog..... 

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