Sunday, June 5, 2011

I got dumped in under 30 minutes

Alright, so let's get the next set of stories lined up.

Back in April, I decided to give the online dating thing back another try. My intention was to use OkCupid mainly as a means of finding a friend. I guess I really didn't get the part that it is next to impossible to find a real friend without benefits in the online community.

I am so naive.

I started talking to a guy, and a few days later, we decided to meet up for sushi and a movie. He appeared to be a real gentleman, and I quickly agreed. Since his sister had just given birth to her first child, let's call him The Uncle, cause I honestly can't remember what his name is. Not like it matters much.

My thought exactly
He suggested a sushi restaurant over about 30 minutes away from me. I didn't bother asking why since he was the one inviting. I arrived a few minutes early, and just stayed in my car waiting for him to show up. I never wait inside. I don't like giving the obvious impression that this is a first date if we greet inside the restaurant- I feel like all eyes are on us.

He showed up about 15 minutes later, and he stood at the entrance reaching for his cell. He was dressed business casual, and as I approached him, my face suddenly started shifting to the disappointment. In all honesty, I think his face did too. We greeted each other and immediately walked in. We sat at the bar and ordered our dishes, barely making conversation.

Me: "So how was your grandmother's birthday party yesterday?"
Him: "Oh it was alright. We ate a lot of food"
Me: "Was most of your family there too?"
Him: "Yeah"


The minutes inched by. I was so glad to see our food arrive, because that way at least we wouldn't have a reason to talk as much.

Me: "So why did you pick this restaurant? I thought you lived in another area"
Him: "Oh well I figured it would be easier for you. You live in this area right?"
Me: "No. I live over on the west side of town. About 30 minutes away."
Him: "Oh I guess I'm not too familiar with Westchase. I live about 30 minutes up north"

Well that was smart. I understand your intentions were good, but we both had to drive out of our way for this seemingly boring date.

We went through the notions of discussing our lines of work (which I can't remember) and our time spent living in Houston (which I don't remember either.) It was obvious we weren't clicking at all, and I was desperately looking for a way to end this date, but didn't see how I could since he had invited me to the movies afterwards.

This is so boring!

As he called up the check on minute 25, and pulled out his credit card before the server had even handed him the bill, he said "So, do you mind if I take a rain check on this movie. I'm feeling pretty tired"

Sweet music to my ears.

"Sure, no problem" I answered jovially.

He paid for dinner, signed the receipt and we walked out.

"Well it was nice meeting you. I'll call you" he said.
"Yeah, thanks for dinner" I told him.

I quickly walked back into my car, looked at my watched and let out a sigh. 7:30pm

I quickly called my friend Shannon to fill her in on my date.

Shannon: "Aren't you supposed to be out on your date? What are you doing calling me?"
Me: "I was. It just ended."
Shannon: "Whaaat? It wasn't even an hour!"
Me: "Thirty minutes to be exact. Can you believe the ride to the restaurant took me longer than the date itself??"
Shannon: "Well that sucks"

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