Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm glad that you cancelled but...

I first started talking to Paul during the summertime. He was still living in Ohio at the time, but was on his way to move to Houston for work very shortly. During that time, I was dating back to back, and quickly lost sight of him. When I finally slowed down after Phillip, I sent him an email that went unanswered for over a month. I had come to terms that he'd probably just ignored me completely, seeing as to how I'd ignored him when I'd been dating others in the beginning.

Then, a month later, a response finally makes its way into my inbox.

Sorry for the delay in response. My schedule has been incredibly hectic and I finally reached a lull.
Would you like to continue chatting or meet to see if there is any spark?
I know the holidays are a hectic time of the year, so now might not be the best time, but maybe after Christmas or the New Year?

We continued emailing and met up at a quiet cafe the weekend before Christmas. It wasn't exactly love at first sight. He wasn't ugly, just.... bland in my opinion. Plain yogurt. We had an okay time over some ceviche and talked for a couple of hours before we both went our separate ways. We continued emailing over the holidays, but never talked on the phone again. I'd told him of RHPS (I'm a big fanatic) and he had said he'd be happy to go, so we set up a date for the second saturday of the following month.

The days leading up to Saturday, he invited me out to go watch the Sugar Bowl (college football) for his home team, at a bar. I'd never seen a game in its entirety, so when I showed up, I didn't know what to expect. I wished someone would have told me it lasted over 3 hours. I might have reconsidered it. We had a couple of pitchers of beer though near the end, both of us got quiet when we started feeling the effect of alcohol.... and getting tired as well. The game ended, I went home and to sleep.

Earlier today, I was hanging out with my sisters, knowing that Paul and I had agreed to meet at 8:30 for dinner before going to the movie. Since I hadn't heard a beep from him since the game that night, I decided to send him a text to find out if he was still willing to go- I personally didn't feel like going, but I wasn't going to cancel for no reason.

Well, it was a relief to see him cancel, yet, I don't like it when others cancel on me. I clearly didn't pay attention when I wrote him back; there's no point the movie at home- you need to go out with a live audience to enjoy the full effect. I went on OkCupid to stalk and saw him "online now."

Oh well, looks like another quiet Saturday night at home with the family.

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