Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Older Man Crush Alert

The Older Man first came into the picture when I lived in California and I was 18. I had a repeat episode this past year to which I explained to him I was not interested romantically. He let up until he texted me again for the holiday season. I replied with a "closed message"- you know, those that really don't require a response, the ones that go a little something like "You too, hope you had fun. Take care"?

I guess he just didn't see it that way. A while later he writes

Chris: I sent u a friend request on facebook

My eyes widened with despair and I actually gasped out loud.

Oh nooooOOOOoooooooo.

Ren: How did you find me?
Chris: Typed in ur name.

Bullshit!! I went back a did a search, just to make sure it was still hard to find me. And it was. I spelled my name differently, and I have my last name hyphenated, so this guy must have done some digging to find me. But it didn't help that my photo had my face clearly showing who I was.


Chris: Looking up old friends!

Damnit! I quickly had to log onto Facebook and begin hiding my details, contact info, family and certain pictures which might garner comments from him. I mean... my dad logs in there too!

I accepted him and waited for the damage to come.

And two:

Go# Da@% Sh&^!!

I asked for it. No doubt about it.

A few hours later by text: [Edited for your viewing pleasure]

How many more signs do I have to toss out before he gets the point? I'm sorry you're too old for me- I'd feel like shit if I went after a 20 year old and he told me that at 26, I was too old. I get it. But, man, you're 20 years older- I'm not comfortable with that right now. Ease off!

But I know, I know... it's my fault. I can't say NO sternly enough.


  1. All together now:

    ♫ I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo ♫ !!!

  2. you tease! JOKING!

    Just delete his number and never reply. Assume that he doesn't exist. He will understand in due course.

    "but i understand if your not ok with that"

    Shoulda just said "yeah, im not really. sorry. i will next text you again"