Monday, December 21, 2009

He's the victim of vanilla sex

BEG and I have been chatting online and texting more as he's been away on work. It gives us more time to share juicy tips and forbidden secrets. I'm not including every piece of text from our conversation, else it'd turn into a complete XXX blog. No joke.

Ren: so you're coming back to houston, or still out there on the job?

BEG: We are on our way back to houston now


BEG: Of course. Its nice to get home.

Ren: What's the 1st thing you're gonna do once you're back?

BEG: Duh. Think about that. It isn’t a hard thing to answer. Well.... maybe it is kind of "hard"

Ren: you know she'll be avl at that moment you get back?

BEG: Well i guess not right when i get back, but soon after. I hope. Who knows. It’s been over a week maybe this car ride vibrations might do the trick before i get there

[We soon got on the topic of sex positions, experiences and awkward moments when he shared:]

BEG: Yeah... Julia doesnt believe in foreplay... it sucks. She is boring. Nothing but missionary and little to no foreplay. She wont even talk dirty over texts or anything

Ren: I know what you feel.  The bf hardly ever texts, so i feel it's useless to send a naughty msg over. sometimes he will respond when i send him one, but usually it's me initiating the idea

BEG: It really sucks. I have initiated it multiple times. and she does nothing. She likes it but isnt adventurous. I think its why im always a little horny

Ren: Does She talk dirty in bed?

BEG: No. Like i said boring. All the way around. which really sucks because im kinky i feel. Its our only downside

Ren: The bf's pretty naughty, like he has this innocent look, and the minute he started talking dirty, it threw me off guard. i thought i was going to be the one doing the dirty talking, but it was him instead. it took me a while to get used to it

BEG: Lucky you.... Im jealous lets not talk about it anymore

Ren: but i dont know what you consider, or define as kinky in bed. Give me an example.

BEG: Like i normally do.

Ren: LIKE......

BEG: Idk. like how i text? Normally i say this stuff out loud. I think thats why we click on aim but not as well in person because i felt like you were too nice and couldnt handle it

Ren: NO- i meant sex in general. like- there's one thing you'd like to do with her.... different position, situation...... environment

BEG: All of the above. In public. Postions. all of them. I dont care. Just something! Forplay at least

Ren: can you remember the best sex you've ever had?

BEG: It was five years ago

Ren: WHAT was so great about it?

BEG: Idk. it was amazing. she always wanted new things. just good overall. Wish julia would do stuff like that. I wont be able to stand up if we keep talking. lol

Ren: lol

BEG: I wish i was joking though. so christmas gifts. I need to get julia something for Christmas. Jewelry i guess. Im gonna get her the standard small diamond necklas i think. Do you talk about sex with anyone else?

Ren: no. just you. Maybe the necklace will give you kinky sex. "She'll pretty much have to."

BEG: She has a bad knee and hip. Lol. she would if she could but cant. her leg always pops out of place

Ren: ouch, i know what you mean. i have bad knees too- but i manage. he has bad knees too, so it works out lol

BEG: Yeah... but i cant do ANYTHING. :-/

Ren: side sex?

BEG: Tried. Works a bit

to be continued.....

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  1. Haha, love it. I once had a GF like BEG, and I just ended ip masturbating in the attic room. Lots.