Tuesday, December 22, 2009

He's the victim of vanilla sex, Part II

I had suggested to BEG that we go do some of our christmas shopping together. He hesitated at first, saying it wasn't such a good idea, but said he would get his friend's point of view on shopping for our "significant other" together. The next day, he had agreed to going out together, only to cancel in the following hours.

BEG: We made plans to hang out when she got off work. And she has been feeling insecure

Ren: ah I see

It doesn't look like plans. Sounds more like a schedule. He said they haven't spent one night apart when he's been in town since they started dating two months ago.

BEG: She also said she doesn’t want anything for Christmas. I think she really just wants a hug and stuff

Ren: is something wrong then? You said she was feeling insecure about something.

BEG: Oh. She is feeling insecure about her abilities in the bed. I accidentally said something

Ren: oh that was baaaaaad.........what did you doooo???

BEG: I don’t want to talk about it.

Ren: ok

BEG: Lol. Maybe no on shopping today. Julia really wants to hang out. And in a week I’m leaving for a month.

Ren: ok. So I take it we're not going to hang out before you leave.

BEG: Idk... I would like to, but you don’t want to double date?

Oh hellz no.

Ren: hmm I don’t know. We’ll see

BEG: If you were free during the day. Or maybe we can do lunch

Ren: maybe lunch next week. Either Monday/Tuesday, cause I leave on Wednesday.

In the meantime, I was talking to Margot, who also writes a relationship/sex blog. I told her BEG’s dilemma and she suggested I send him the link to one of her blogs.

BEG: man this sucks. The article you sent me looks like soo much fun, but I don’t' know if she would be into any of it

Ren: why not?

BEG: Just her personality. She always wants sex, but that's it, nothing extra

Ren: it seems like she's not putting much effort into it.

BEG: yeah..... I just think she doesn't know how to. She was really only with one guy before for more then a one night thing. And he was very very boring. I don't think she was ever introduced to anything. The only thing she has ever really tried that was her idea was a peppermint in her mouth

Ren: doesn't that hurt?

BEG: Nope. When she comes up I get a cold sensation from the mint. I don't even know she has it in her mouth

Ren: tell her to read it.....

BEG: naw, I just don't think I can do that

Ren: you need to help her come out of her shell. Can’t expect her to become exciting on her own.

BEG: Yeah

[A few hours later, BEG texts me a broken message saying:]

BEG: 1:53pm:  Sheogot me really tuened on and just left for condoms. This sucks!

Ren: 1:54pm: You didn't plan well enough. Always have a box avl.

BEG: 1:59pm: I know! We meant to get some yesterday. We have condoms, but she'll only use spermicide ones. I hope she gets back soon.

Ren: 2:00pm: Haha.

BEG: 2:00pm: This deff is not a laughing matter.

Ren: 2:01pm: But come on! One of you is def to blame here. Could of done it while the other came back from work.

BEG: 2:02pm: Lol. Well, now i'm sitting here waiting for her to come back. Worked up like no other.

Ren: 2:02pm: Sorry. Hoping the finale makes us for it though.

BEG: 2:03pm: I did just say I wanted to be teased but…. I suddenly am not worked up anymore. Man. All that work for nothing. Back on aim?

Ren: 2:07pm: Go for it.

BEG: 2:27pm: Go for what? I don't remember what I asked.

Ren: 2:27pm: Back on aim. I'm on. But I figured she got back.

BEG: 2:41pm: Yup.

Ren: 2:41pm: What the hell are you doing now then?

BEG: 2:43pm: Shopping with Julia.

Ren: 2:44pm: Wait, did you get your fix or are you shopping for the condoms. I'm confused.

BEG: 3:14pm: Fix. Then shopping.

Ren: 3:15pm: Well that was quick. I thought you were an hour man.

BEG: 3:17pm: Just depends

Ren: 3:19pm: Satisfactory, beyond satisfactory or excellent?

BEG: 3:21pm: First one

Ren: 4:27pm: What are you doing?

BEG: 4:29pm: Shopping with Julia. Sorry I couldn't go with you.


  1. The drama continues...Sounds to me like both of them are screwed in the head. He needs to be more of a man.

  2. I agree with Fish - think they are both just plain lazy (and not into each other enough)