Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009- The year in review

I always try to do a little recap (on myspace) about what has happened during the year as it comes to a close. Most of the time, I just pull out memorable moments shared with family and friends, quotes and events. I always try to look at it in a positive light and laugh about any of the blunders I faced, telling myself I'll do better the next year.

2009 for me was........ exciting. But the word "exciting" doesn't explain it justly. It was AMAZING, NEW, FULFILLING, ACCOMPLISHED AND BEAUTIFUL.

Even though I am a depressed individual (and I attribute this to moving out of California and ending a 4 year relationship with my boyfriend) as I summarize 2009, I conclude it as f-kn awesome.


 No- it didn't happen this year, but I had a lot of fun meeting new guys. I decided to buckle down and consider online dating in January which went poorly--> to good --> to exciting --> to awful--> and to relaxed. I met 6 guys- 4 of which were incredible, well..... the ones I made out with anyway.

I dated James for about 3 weeks in January. To this day, I still consider our first date as the best I've ever had with anyone. However, he decided he was only looking at dating- not a relationship. Faced with rejection once more, I took it extremely hard and cried about it for almost a week. (Pitiful, I know now.)

I met Sebastian in March, a fresh divorcĂ©, and we were a couple all the way until July. He broke up with me stating he wasn't ready for a real relationship, and didn't see us for long term. As of press time, we are together again, and I can't help but wonder why and if his opinions on us have changed at all. I tend to not want to get into conversations regarding the future, and just enjoy the moment.

I went on 3 dates with Gorgeous Guy after Sebastian and I broke up. Even though he was extremely nice, well established and incredibly hot (I still drool when I see his pictures on Facebook) I didn't feel sparks. He was a party animal and too accomplished for me (PhD in Engineering) We didn't have anything to connect with, other than travelling.

I met BEG shortly after and tried my hardest to move on from Sebastian. We dated for 2 months while I selfishly continued in an open relationship with Sebastian- which I kept secret from both guys.  When it became apparent that BEG had HPV and oral herpes, I freaked out and slowly started distancing myself, but continued to date him on the side.


I went to NYC for Easter Break, and even though we got a lot of rain the first day, I was excited about going to the Big Apple for the first time.

I also got to visit San Antonio with my family and see the famous Alamo.


Embarked on a 12-day journey to Europe

I went to California for Christmas break with my family. I returned to Houston to spend New Year's with Sebastian.

~Events and Adventures~

Went to the Houston Rodeo, and experienced it for the first time. It was great!!

I graduated from College. Highest Honor Graduate :)


I became a naturalized American citizen. (Photo of the Oath Ceremony)

Went to 2 great concerts by Benny Benassi and David Guetta.
(I'll completely forget about Paul Van Dyk forever cause he sucked)

Went to a very magical night of Disney on Ice

My grandma came to visit us from France for 3 months.

I conclude 2009 with an A. I hope 2010 can continue to be just as exciting.

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Happy New Year Ren, looking forward to following you in 2010. Not actually following you - ah you know what I mean.

  2. It will be great to watch George Lopez, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.