Sunday, December 20, 2009

Naughty Conversations

BEG: I'm going to Abu Dabi for a month

Ren: Congrats! Send me a postcard. I collect them

BEG: I don't even know where Abu Dahbi is or if I'm spelling it right

Ren: United Arab Emirates. Next to Saudi Arabia and Iran.

BEG: Exciting. Now I can say I've been to three continents and the middle East. I better stop shaving now so I fit in. All I know about Abu Dhabi is it's where Garfield always mailed that one girl cat off to.

Ren: LOL you're right, thanks for the laughs. We are competing I see. Three continents here too.

BEG: Lol. Nice.

Ren: When you leaving?

BEG: I want to sleep all day. And then have sex. And then sleep some more.

Ren: You should get as much as you can while you still can!

BEG: I know but I have to work so I can't sleep.

Ren: Then get some of the other one.

BEG: I'm around guys. All I can do is go back to the hotel bathroom lol. How is sex with your bf btw?

Ren: I have a video if you're interested in detail.

BEG: Umm... Really? Do you really have a video already?

Ren: I'll leave it to your imagination.

BEG: Lol. Ok. Wish my gf was more kinky. But that's my only complaint, so it isn't that bad.

I misunderstood him, and thought he was dissing my sex with Sebastian, so I shot back.

Ren: What made you think it was bad?

BEG: I didn't say yours was bad. Just that mine isn't great.

I felt pity for him. At least he was honest. Most guys would brag.

Ren: What makes it not so great then?

BEG: Idk. Just not exciting I guess. Maybe the sex is too good and there's nothing to try to accomplish.

Ren: Or just give it some time and it'll get better. Cause your complaint sounds paradoxical. Make up your mind.

BEG: Guess so.

Ren: But it was everything you hoped for at least, or disappointing in a sense?

BEG: Disappointing I guess. But I really like her so it makes up for it. Glad you're getting everything you want.

Ren: Wow I feel bad. [I really did.]  Do you both finish?

BEG: Yup.

Ren: Then what? It's bland?

BEG: Why are you so worried about this? How's work?

Ren: Cause we kept talking about it. If you want to stop then let me know. Work is picking back up slowly.

BEG: That's good work is picking back up. It's just I get horny when I talk about sex is all. So it's probably best we stop.

Ren: Lol. Ok I'll stop.

BEG: Remember when I made you curse like there's no tomorrow?

Oh crap.

Ren: Oh craaaap

BEG: What?

Ren: Just something embarassing happened.

BEG: Shit. What?

I got beet red

Ren: I was reading your text and my colleague was talking to me at the same time. And I got this smile on my face and he called me out on it.

My colleague got a teasing look on his face and asked what I was writing and the reason for my *smile*. You know- that type of smile

BEG: Lol. Sorry.

Ren: Yeah. Don't do it again. Lol.

BEG: Ok I'll never remind you of the time I made you squeal uncontrollably.


Ren: Shut up.

BEG: Ok. I really will. Sorry. I'm just bored. Been sick all day and I'm stuck in the back seat of a truck now.

Ren: After all this time you still have it in mind? Why?

BEG: Idk. I'll take it you don't lol. I really hope I don't feel sick tomorrow.

I have the crappiest memory. I forget events and moments very easily. It wasn't always like this. 

Ren: I only remember it every so often. Then of course, I have you to remind me when you shouldn't lol.

BEG: Can I ask you something about it though?

Ren: Don't know.

BEG: Do you normally curse like that?

Ren: I'm trying to think and no. Then again, did I really curse that much?

BEG: I think yeah. So it was really good for you then is what I really was wondering.

Ren: I think it was pretty obvious, don't you think?

BEG: True. And that's why I still think of it.

About an hour later.....

Ren: You really suck.

BEG: Why?

Ren: Cause I haven't been able to get it out of my head. I keep trying to concentrate on my work but drifting back to that night.

BEG: Lol. Sorry. At least you have a bf you can meet up with. I'm stuck with guys for a week.

Ren: Yeah, but I won't see him till tomorrow, then he's gone for a week.

BEG: At least you have something to think about. I missed out on what you could do.

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