Friday, January 8, 2010

Six things girls notice on the first date

MSN tried to sneak in this article on me the other morning: The Six Things Guys Notice Six Seconds After You Meet.

How about the Six things girls notice right when you meet?

It’s been a few months since I’ve been on a first date, so this stuff might not be fresh in my head, but I will try, for the sake of dating, to remember what I focused on when I walked up to my date for the first time.
  1. Hair/facial hair: Is it clean? Is it styled? Bad dandruff? Oily? It all depends on the type of hair you have and how long it is. Personally, I prefer clean cut and shaved, but if I don’t see my guy for a week and he’s sporting a full beard, I’m definitely turned on.

  2. Shoes/Apparel: Are they old? Scuffed? Dirty? Casual or work shoes? I hate tennis shoes with holes. It just shows me that you don’t really care how you look. I’ll dismiss a messy getup if you were at work that day and we had an impromptu date because you just couldn’t wait any longer to meet me (as it happened one time, and he was... [drools all over keyboard…..] delish)

  3. Smile: Is it yellow? Crooked? Stained teeth? Rotten teeth? I’ve been told I have a great smile. Thanks. I whiten and my top teeth are straight. I try to take care of my teeth because one of the first things the opposite sex will notice is "How do they smile?" With a hand in front of your mouth? I will prefer a crooked white smile to a straight stained/yellowish one. That’s just bad hygiene.

  4. Car: Is it a POS (piece of shit) that’s just screaming “junk yard?” I’ll get embarrassed if my date’s car is crappy and I don’t want to be seen in it- which is what happened with 2 of the guys I dated. However, I got over Sebastian’s POS because he told me before we even met that he had a crappy car, and if I was ok with it. I admit I hesitated silently, but I didn’t want to seem shallow. Now I just don’t care. I told him not to buy a new car until he could pay cash for it. His persona won me over. Or maybe I was just desperate.

  5. Fingernails: Are they long and dirty? I cringe when I see both. Because all I’m thinking is “ew…. Those fingers are not going in me.”

  6. Smell/scent/body odor: Is it sour? Perspiration? Perfumed? I like to hug….. But I am repulsed when a guy doesn’t wear deodorant, or use a scented body wash. I had a crush on this guy I met online (as friends), but the second I smelled him, it was over. I couldn’t even come within 4 feet of him because he smelled so bad.

Some other things I'll take note on during the courting progress:
His living arrangements.
His ability to cook, and compliment me.
His availability and eagerness to see me.
The texting/email/im throughout the day.

Well, that's pretty much it on my end. Please feel free to add on your own requirements! :)


  1. I agree on all these things, but I'm attracted to dirty hipsters, so it's kind of tough...

  2. Awesome post. I bite my fingernails daily, so no problem there - I have been known to wear trainers to dates though...