Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Skewed China birth rate to leave 24 million men single

Skewed China birth rate to leave 24 mln men single - Yahoo! News

I knew this would happen.

When China began controlling its population and limiting families to just one child, it was not uncommon to hear about pregnant mothers aborting their pregnancies when they found out the child they were carrying was a female. Some families went to the extreme and killed the female newborn in the hopes of having a male the next time around and keep the family line going.

So what happens 30 years later?

There is a surplus of males.

This surplus will most likely stabilize the population, if not bring it to a substantial decrease for many decades to come.

Good job.

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  1. Hope they don't do anything like that here in England - I have enough trouble finding a woman as it is.